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►How To purchase?
A. Pattern
It is necessary to make sure that the faucet is matched with basin, sink, bathtub and shower compartment.
B. Function
There are a number of faucet patterns with multiple functions. In terms of purpose, it consists of such five categories as faucets for basin, kitchen sink, bathtub, shower and bidet. In terms of function, it includes single cold type, mixer type, floor-standing type, thermostat type, sensor type and delay automatic close-up and so on.
C. Appearance
The appearance of faucets shall be bright and lasting. Since the materials are based on strict selection and the faucet surface has been performed with plating of acidity copper, nickel and chrome after finish grinding, orswan products have been proved to meet high requirement of the European top plating standard, it will form an effective protection layer, which will ensure the products durable and bright for long time. They have passed through acidity salt mist test for 24 hours. The products have no burr by hand touching and no oxidized spots and air pores by sight.
D. Inspection
Turn the handle lightly and see if it moves smoothly and evenly without blocking. Check if water outlet is light by turning. Check all the components of water faucets and make sure that the main components are tightly assembled.

►How to care?
A. Before assembling, it is necessary to remove various impurities in the tube so as to avoid damaging cartridge, causing blocking, clogging and seeping. Besides, it is required to clean the surface of faucet without any remnants of building materials.
B. For any kinds of faucet products, the handles can only be turned or pulled lightly without need of too much force. For products with filtration mask, it is necessary to remove and clean impurities after use for a period of time. For products with hose, it is required to keep a naturally extensive state so as to avoid breaking.
C. The surface of faucet shall be cleaned with clean cloth with a little detergent. It is not allowed to clean with metal wire ball or cloth with hard particles. Besides, it is not allowed to damage faucet surface due to collision with hard matter.
D. Sometimes water faucet may be leaking, handle loosen and other cases, which can be settled by consumers by themselves. In case that the water faucet of screw rubber ring cannot be closed absolutely, it may be blocked by hard things. Then remove valve cap, clean impurities around cartridge and assemble again for normal use. In case that ceramic cartridge cannot be closed absolutely, it is may be due to sealing face damaged by hard things or the pretension force for cartridge is not sufficient. For the former problem, it is necessary to send it to after-service department or specialized maintenance department for repair. For the latter reason, user can remove handle (hand wheel) and tighten the cartridge slightly.
E. The handle (hand wheel) may be loose for two reasons: Firstly, during assembly, the handle (hand wheel) has not been fastened, please tighten the fixing screws. Secondly, the handle (hand wheel) has bad quality, the clearance between handle (hand wheel) and cartridge is increased due to earlier oxidation and corrosion, which cannot be solved. Therefore, you had better not to choose low level faucet.
F. The leaking for connection of faucet may be caused by not tightening during assembly. It can be solved by fastening again. Sometimes, a faucet looks perfect in various fields, but it may have a feeling of endless dripping after closing. By this time, you shall observe the time and amount of dripping. Longer dripping time may last for 4 or 5 minutes around a dozen of drops totally. The water volume dripping is equivalent to remaining water inside the faucet mouth after water supply is closed, which shall be a normal phenomenon.
G. After use for a period of time, in case that water flow is decreased, even flameout for water heater, it may be caused by clogging of filtration mesh for water faucet. Remove bubbler lightly in the outlet, remove filtration mask, clean impurities, the faucet will be recovered as a new one.
H. So long as it is used properly and maintained timely, water faucet of high level and good quality will maintain its brightness.

►Why would be leaking faucet?
A. Cartridge scuffing
There may be a lot of impurities in the water due to poor water quality, the ceramic cartridge will be scuffed by hard things and lead to leaking for inadequate sealing.
B. Tube connection
Improper assembly may lead to leaking for inadequate joining between inlet hose and faucet body.

►How to prevent the coating of faucet from rusting?
The main purpose of plating is decoration and anti-rusting, but it does not mean not to rust forever. There are a lot of fine pores that are hard to distinguish on the plated layer. In case that the humid gas or corrosive gas intrudes, the material under the plated layer will be rusted and penetrated to the surface. As the sweat of hand may cover the pores unconsciously, the touched parts of faucet are liable to rusting. Therefore, the plated parts shall be cleaned with simoniz every month so as to protect the plated layer of the faucet in an effective way.

►Why would grow hotter and cooler thermostat faucet?
A. The use of hot water is low
It happens in the users of gas heater especially in summer. As hot water in summer is consumed at a low volume, the heater is easy to be satisfied, which will stop igniting. If hot water is not enough, it will ignite again. The repeated ignition and flameout will lead to water temperature change due to hot water supply change. Decreasing the firepower of heater can solve the problem.
B. Insufficient power
The matched heater has insufficient power, which cannot satisfy required heat. The solution is to replace with a large power water heater. The water pressure is decreased due to clogging of filtration mesh by water impurities, which can be settled by clearing filtration mesh of angle valve.

►Why bathtub / shower faucet, shower faucet shower and bath water at the same time?
During the use, the water draining of shower spray and bathtub faucet is controlled through switchover valve, in case that inlet water pressure is lower than that required by distributing valve, the switchover valve of faucet will be propped up, but it has not been propped up completely for sealing, the shower spray and bathtub faucets are connected each other. The solution is to increase water pressure, for example, add boosting pump in the piping.

►When the hand is put on the position of "cold water" there is hot water coming out, why?
This case happens in user of gas water heater due to high water pressure. Although the water from "hot water tube" is less, high water pressure can prop up pressure valve of water heater to drive heater to ignite and work, therefore there is hot water when the hand is put on the position of "cold water"

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